Edition 13 [ 25th/26th July ] - Moate & Castledaly Newsletter [http://www.parishofmoate.com/newsletter/edition13.html]

Reflect: Eighteenth Sunday in Ordinary Time - In the Gospel of next Sunday the crowd asks Jesus for a sign so that they can believe that he has come from God. This is a curious request, because Jesus has just fed more than 5,000 people with just five barley loaves and two fish. How quickly they seem to have forgotten the wonderful thing that Jesus has done for them. Or, maybe they never recognized the miracle in the first place. Sometimes we don’t recognize the wonderful things that God does every day for us. And, sometimes, we simply forget and ask for further evidence of his love and care. We pray that God will remove our blindness so that we can receive with thanks and praise all the wonderful things that God accomplishes in our lives. Our Sunday Eucharist is our opportunity to do this.

Castledaly [ 1st/2nd August ]

Moate [ 1st/2nd August ]

9.30am Oliver & Michael McLoughlin, Deceased members
of the McLoughlin family, Hall.
Patrick Johnson, Ballydrown.

6.30pm Matthew Molloy, Sr. Ignatius Molloy & Sr. Angela Molloy

Eucharistic Ministers
9:30am Anita Murray & Bernie Farrell

Eucharistic Ministers
6.30pm John Galvin & Christy McCarthy
10.00am Terry Johnson & Pat McCann
11.30am Peggy Gavin & Doreen McNeill

9.30am Teresa Farrell

6.30pm Attracta Fitzpatrick.
10.00am Siobhan Murray, Judith Booth
11.30am Sarah King, Josephine Killian

Church Care
Connie Gavin, Marguerite Farrell, Rose Gavin

Church Care
Lena Shortall, Majella Hamm
Offertory Collection
Offertory Collection
Exposition of the Blessed Sacrament every Friday from 9am - 6pm in St. Patrick's Church. If you wish to attend in prayer for an hour, please write your name in the book at the top of the Church.

Caring for the Sick in the Home: During the long Summer days we spare a thought for people who are confined and restricted due to illness. There are so many in that position in every Community. We pray that by identifying with Christ on the Cross - Christ who suffered, they may find some meaning in the cross they carry and in the sufferings they endure. We remember also those who are caring for a sick relative in the home. May they feel a sense of reward and fulfillment in the great work which they do.

Choirs in our Churches: We miss very much the different choirs when they take a well-deserved rest at this time of the year. Their presence adds greatly to our weekend liturgy, lifting our minds and hearts and making our celebration more prayerful and meaningful. We thank sincerely all who are involved in our worship at this level. Their dedication, consistency and commitment is much appreciated. We look forward to their return in September. New members are always welcome.

Reading at Mass: We are heartened by the number of people who come forward and are prepared to read at Mass and who take so seriously what they do. This is a source of encouragement to the priests as they feel supported in proclaiming the Word of God when the Scriptures are read with a sense of understanding and appreciation. Again we welcome more involvement, especially by young people at this level.
Edition 13 [ 25th/26th July ] - Moate & Castledaly Newsletter

Here on Holidays: Welcome to all who are holidaying in Moate or who are visiting at this time. Hopefully the new and improved facilities in and around the town will make your time here both enjoyable and memorable.

Think Safe/Act Safe: Because of our casual, relaxed and care free approach during the Summer months, accidents can happen. It is so important to be alert to danger at all times and take the necessary precautions to ensure a safe environment for all.

Westmeath Ladies: Well done to the Ladies Football Team who performed so well in the Leinster Final on Sunday last in Dr. Cullen Park.

Belarus Trip: Emma Stone and John Mc Manus will travel to Belarus on the 2nd of August to volunteer in Gorodishche 'Internat' Asylum. The Asylum is home to 220 children and young adults aged between 4 and 25. These children and young adults' lives have been heavily impacted upon by the effects of the Chernobyl reactor explosion of 1986. Emma and John would like to thank most sincerely all those who have supported this worthy cause by attending their coffee morning and giving such generous donations. They have raised €2,500 which will go directly towards provision of care and supplies in the under-served orphanage. We wish Emma and John every success. It is most encouraging how young people give themselves so freely to worthy situations in order to improve the quality of life for others.

Vandalism in Castledaly Hall: In the recent past there have been two incidents of vandalism in the hall where those involved gained entrance and did a considerable amount of damage. This is most upsetting and is a cause of major concern. The Committee is appealing for vigilance in the area so there will not be a reoccurrence of this behaviour. In the meantime, the Committee are taking the necessary steps to establish a source of the vandalism to date.

Dún na Sí Amenity and Heritage Park Family Membership Cards: Family membership card entitles you and your family to admission to the Heritage Park, Pet Farm and Scéal Exhibition. Contact Mary at Dún na Sí for more details on 090 6481183.

Summer Seisiún 2015: An evening of music, song, dance and storytelling every Sunday from the12th July to the 9th August in Teach Ceoil Dún na Sí. Show starts at 8pm. All welcome. Admission €10 / €5 / Group Rate available.

Unislim: Classes every Tuesday morning in Moate Community Centre from 9.30am to 10.30am. Evening class on Monday from 6.30pm to 7.30pm.

Castledaly Fit Club: Fit Club continues Tuesdays and Fridays at 7pm. Junior Fit Club continues with fun exercise activities for ages 6 to 16.

Message from the Bishop on the Mass (1/4): The Mass is firstly a gathering of the baptized disciples of Jesus. We come together, not just as individuals, but as a community of faith. We come not just to watch the priest, as mere spectators but to join with him and with our fellow Christians. With them we pray, we listen to God's Word, we offer the gift of Jesus to the Father and we share the Bread of Life in Holy Communion.
The Mass begins with the priest's greeting, the Rite of Penance when we seek God's mercy, the Gloria when we praise God and the Opening Prayer of the Mass. We can best join in this part of the Mass by arriving in good time, by trying to place ourselves consciously in the presence of God and by joining in the prayers of the Rite of Penance and the Gloria.

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