Edition 11 [ 11th/12th July ] - Moate & Castledaly Newsletter [http://www.parishofmoate.com/newsletter/edition11.html]
Reflect: Sixteenth Sunday in Ordinary Time - In the Gospel for next Sunday we hear Jesus affirm the importance of times of rest and renewal. Perhaps we might take the opportunity this week to give ourselves permission to find the rest and relaxation that Jesus seeks for his disciples. One way to do this is through finding the time and space to renew ourselves through quiet, personal prayer. "Come to me all you who labour and are overburdened and I will give you rest".

Castledaly [ 18th/19th July ]

Moate [ 18th/19th July ]

9.30am Frank, Annie & Bridget Bradley, Ballydrown
Mary & Kieran Galvin, Newcastle
Michael & Mary-Ann Malone, Brocca

6.30pm Jackie Horan

Eucharistic Ministers
9:30am Mary Pillion
Bridie Murray

Eucharistic Ministers
6.30pm Maura Roche
10.00am Johnny Finnerty & Fergus McCormack
11.30am Olive Quinn & Ann Doran

9.30am Jean Gaffey
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6.30pm Mary Galvin
10.00am Caroline Gorman
11.30am Marie McCarthy

Church Care

Jean Gaffey, Bernie Farrell, Rosemary Young

Church Care

Peggy Farrell, Mary E. Warburton, Mary Donnellan

Offertory Collection

Offertory Collection
Exposition of the Blessed Sacrament every Friday from 9am - 6pm in St. Patrick's Church. If you wish to attend in prayer for an hour, please write your name in the book at the top of the Church.
Blessing of Homes: Many people and many families have moved into new houses in the Parish in recent years. From time to time, some express a wish to have their homes blessed. The priests are always available and willing to call and fulfill whatever wish is expressed in this regard. Mass can be celebrated in the home too if requested.

Distribution of the Newsletter in the Church: We still need volunteers to distribute the newsletter at the 11.30am Mass in St Patrick’s. All that is involved is a commitment to collect the letters in the sacristy prior to Mass and have them distributed at the three doors as people leave.
A Childs Prayer for Summer: Thank you God for the long hot days of summer and the coolness of shady places, for family outings, picnics, ice cream and cold drinks. Thank you God for the time I spend with my family and friends, for the sand at the sea and the smell of the summer grass. Thank you God for making me. Amen.

Cemetery Days: The two days, Sunday July 5th and Saturday July 11th when so many gathered in the two cemeteries to pray for the departed were days of sadness, loneliness and brokenness. There is strength, comfort and consolation to be found in coming together, sharing the same emotions and uniting in the same faith - a faith which gives a vision beyond the grave, a vision of glory and peace and happiness for our departed loved ones and also a vision of ourselves journeying to meet them again and to experience with them the fullness of life and the fullness of love in Heaven.

Edition 11 [ 11th/12th July ] - Moate & Castledaly Newsletter

Best wishes: Out thoughts, our dreams and our hopes go with the Westmeath Senior Football Team this Sunday as they take on Dublin in the Leinster Final. With the determination, passion and courage which they showed against Meath in the Semi-Final, they are capable of achieving what some consider to be the impossible. They should go into the game knowing that they have the backing of everyone outside The Pale and win or lose their contribution to football already in the Championship has lifted the hearts of Westmeath people all around the world and inspired in young footballers in every club a desire one day to wear the Maroon and White.

Efforts to Improve the Town: The efforts of individuals and the group efforts on Wednesday evenings to make the town more inviting, attractive and welcoming by keeping it litter and weed free is already having a major impact. The different floral displays are becoming very noticeable and obviously the €150 incentive for the best display on both residential and commercial properties between now and September 13th when judging will take place, is inspiring an effort. As we pass through other towns and villages during the Summer months where great strides are being made in the name of "Tidy Towns", we should take note of what might be possible to implement in Moate to make it more attractive and impressive. It is by working together that we can achieve greater things.

Family Fun Day: Dún na Sí Amenity &Heritage Park: Thanks to all who supported the Family Fun Day Raffle. The prizewinners are:

1st Prize - Ladies/Gents Bike - Robert Dawson
2nd Prize - Boys/Girls Bike- Michael Heffernan
3rd Prize - 2 Tickets to Leinster Football Final - Ray Counihan
4th Prize - Hamper - Kevin Higgins

New Groups: Many new groups have been formed in recent times in the community with the objective of engaging people in fulfilling activities and fostering bonds of friendship and companionship. If you are interested in becoming involved in such a group, please call to Tuar Ard where you will receive assistance and information.

Castledaly Tidy Towns Competition: Judging takes place in the weeks ahead and everyone is asked to participate with their local community by tidying up wherever they can. Castledaly Development Committee have continued their hard work improving public areas and maintaining the village as an attractive place for residents and visitors alike.

Unislim: New morning classes on Tuesdays in Moate Community Centre from 9.30am to 10.30am. Evening class on Monday from 6.30pm to 7.30pm.

Pioneer Meeting: Monday night July 13th at 8.30pm in the Community Hall.

Youth 2000 Summer Festival: Cistercian College, Roscrea, Co. Tipperary from Thursday 13th – Sunday 16th August 2015. For young people aged 16-35, an opportunity not to be missed to experience the Catholic faith and meet many new people with over 1000 young people from all corners of Ireland attending last year. The festival is donation only. Free buses available from all around Ireland. For more information and to book online see www.youth2000.ie or phone 01 6753690.

Newsletter: Our newsletter is available for all groups, clubs, organisations and committees working for the good of others in the Community. If you wish to include information regarding any event or activity please feel free to contact us. We aim too at the widest possible distribution of the newsletter so if you know of anyone who is unable to attend mass to collect a copy, we would appreciate if you would pass one on to that person.

Contact Details: Fr. Farrell [090 6481189] Msgr. Noonan [090 6481180] newsletter@parishofmoate.com - www.parishofmoate.com